Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt and Dell XPS 9575

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Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt and Dell XPS 9575

PostMon Jul 01, 2019 5:08 am

Hello Blackmagicdesign Community,

Recently I purchased a Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt from Digistore here in Sydney, Australia. They were fantastic in delivering it to me on the same day of online purchase. It's just a shame that connecting it to my month old Dell XPS 9575 has become quite a nightmare.

After a bit of research, and a couple of hours visiting various computer stores on foot, I finally ended up ordering a Startech USB-C to Mini DisplayPort adaptor cable online. To my dismay, I'm not getting a connection that's recognised. I've tried installing multiple versions of Desktop Video, but none of those have worked. I also read through some of the forum posts here, and stumbled across a post suggesting that I'll need to purchase a Apple brand Thunderbolt to Mini DisplayPort adaptor, which means I'll also need a male to male Mini DisplayPort cable. Over $100 AUD in cables after already spending $60 is getting a little too expensive.

Has anyone had experience connecting a Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt to a Dell XPS 9575 with success? If so, can you recommend a solution?

Apart from forum posts, the only other info my research finds is that of youtube clips posted by game streamers, or those using the USB variant of the Intensity Shuttle. I'm a veteran professional skateboarder and coach by trade, who used to produce skateboarding videos. I'll be using the device to capture and upscale over 500 MiniDV and VHS tapes to archive and post online.

Hopefully someone has a solution for me, as I'd rather not have to send my Shuttle back to trade for a USB variant. To be honest, Blackmagicdesign really should supply the Intensity Shuttle with a certified cable, especially with the Thunderbolt 3 model. I'm sure that most people would be happy to pay an extra $50 for the device if it included a cable. Either that, or provide a link to a certified connection solution on the Intensity Shuttle page of their site.

Thanks in advance for any assistance regarding this matter.

Michael Mulhall
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Re: Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt and Dell XPS 9575

PostTue Jul 02, 2019 8:16 pm

The Intensity Shuttle is only available in Thunderbolt 2 or USB 3.0 so if you have no Thunderbolt 2 connection, you should have bought the USB 3.0 version.(hence wrong advise seller)
The IS expects a clean video signal, so not all sources, camera's, VCR's will work with the IS.
A cheaper USB dongle might work better, or you need a hard to find good working Time Base Controller,
or a DVD/HDD recorder as passthrough, to create a stable video signal.
I can tell you from my own experience, in case of the VHS tapes The Panasonic ES35V (DVD/VHS recorder combo) will work with the IS, Or a (S)VHS with build-in TBC will work most of the time.
As for the Mini-DV tapes i would opt for a Firewire interface (card) since MiniDV is allready digital, and you don't have to capture, so you should have a dongle that will make Firewire connect to your Laptop/PC
(If your MiniDV camera has also video/audio input connections ..... you could use it as "conversion" device via it's Firewire connection)
btw. which VHS recorder do you now have ?
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