eGPU with HP Backpack Razor

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eGPU with HP Backpack Razor

PostThu Jul 04, 2019 7:36 pm


This is my first time posting. We have several BMD products, but the one I'm interested in is the eGPU. I work at a community college and we are trying to mixed reality capability for capturing the user inside the immersive scene. We just found out that the HP Backpack doesn't have enough input resources to handle multiple monitors and an Elgato capture device. We are now looking a an external gpu device that will receive our inputs and be able to take away the input stress on the Backpack computer. Of course the Backpack is a windows-based system. However, it does support Thunderbolt 3. Any suggestions on this? Will this work for us? We trying to avoid purchasing a higher PC system if possible. Thanks for your assistance.

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Monte Darland, Manager of Multimedia Services, Lone Star College

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