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Intensity shuttle with 2019 MBP (USB-C)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 7:10 pm
by videogareth

I'm looking to purchase the Intensity shuttle to use with a 2019 Macbook Pro to capture old footage from Hi8 and VHS (using a Panasonic DMR ES10 DVD recorder as a pass-through TBC), but I've seen lots of posts on this forum of people having issues with getting Macs with USB-C connectors to be able to see anything, but then no follow-up to know whether they then managed to get it working.

From what I can tell, buying the USB3 version rather than thunderbolt won't work, since it won't work with a USB3 -> USB-C adapter. But I can't seem to find confirmation that using the thunderbolt version with an Apple thunderbolt -> USB-C adapter will work with the latest Macbook Pros.

Any info would be appreciated!