iPhone/.MOV Video

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iPhone/.MOV Video

PostThu Sep 19, 2019 1:23 am

Hello, I am a beginner and as I learn Resolve I want to play around with videos shot on my iPhone. I am wondering what the best solution is for importing and using iPhone videos (.MOV). I have read that the frame rates import incorrectly and that the audio doesn't sync correctly. I will potentially use iPhone footage in the longterm for performance projects, so this is relevant to me beyond just learning too.

Should I use EaseFab or another one of these converters (around $30).

Other suggestions? I don't need to understand every piece at this point, just enough to get me up and running.

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Re: iPhone/.MOV Video

PostTue Oct 01, 2019 9:30 pm

I occasionally import clips from my wife's iPhone XS to accompany my footage in Resolve. I haven't seen the problem you describe personally, but I'm aware it can happen. Google "iphone variable frame rate" for lots of useful info. For example,
shows how to convert VFR iPhone MOV files to constant frame rate MP4 files using Handbrake, which is free. The video is about Premier, but the Handbrake conversion is equally valid for Resolve (the Handbrake demo starts at 1:46).

The biggest problem I had originally was getting the clips off the iPhone and onto my PC. If you are also using a PC then I found the easiest way was to plug the phone in via USB then open the DCIM/100APPLE folder in Windows Explorer then drag the MOV files over to your PC. I found I had to use a slower USB2 socket on my PC due to errors and timeouts with my USB3 sockets. I suspect this operation is less troublesome for Mac users!

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