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Decklink Mini Recorder

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 4:48 pm
by Rob Linger
Newbie alert!

I am a volunteer at my church, and we recently updated our video recording setup. We went from the original ATEM Television Studio, to the newer ATEM Television Studio HD. We always used the original TVS's internal capture option to save our program from the ATEM, however with the latest ATEM TVS HD, we needed to get a capture card, so we went with the Decklink Mini Recorder. With this new setup, we can only capture in the following formats:

DPX 10-bit RGB

I'm guessing these are all RAW formats, which produce large files. Is there a way to capture something that is a more manageable file size?

Currently our goal is to immediately upload our service to YouTube, once we are done recording, without any post production work. We may need to go in and do some minor editing if needed, and that
would mainly be done on my own personal PC, so transferring smaller files is a must.


Re: Decklink Mini Recorder

PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 9:56 pm
by Rob Linger
I ended up asking this same question on a church video recording group on Facebook, and someone suggested that I skip the capture in the ATEM software, and use the Recording option in OBS. After setting up OBS to use a "Blackmagic Device", and setting the recording settings, we got a perfect recording of our morning service today! Just need to have another program running and open on the screen, we already have the ATEM Software Control program running, along with our Presonus Universal Control for our audio feed, now we need OBS, just running out of screen real estate!

Last weeks video file ended up being 284 GB in size! This week's was back to the typical 3.74 GB mp4 file. Last week's video was a RAW file, using the AVI 8-BIT YUV option, last time we make that mistake.

Just wanted to pass along the info, since no one here seemed to have an answer for me!