DeckLink Quad HDMI - Recorder software?

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DeckLink Quad HDMI - Recorder software?

PostSun Sep 29, 2019 11:06 pm

Picked up a nice Quad HDMI card for my Windows capture machine.

But does anyone know of a reasonably priced windows software that can capture from all 4 HDMI's at the same time - with single button "record all"?

I got plenty of "horsepower" and do not need it in super high quality.

I know VMix can with Multi - but that is $700+VAT for the VMix 4k license. Multi is sadly not available "stand-alone"

Corel Multicorder should be able to - but it does not "see" the video (latest version) and their support is close to impossible to work with.

OBS can the the best of my knowledge only output the "final" production and not save individual streams (unless you do magic 2x2 window recording and split it later)

Anything else ?


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