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New BMPCC 4k

PostTue Aug 03, 2021 5:19 am

I just purchased a bmpcc 4k one week ago and when I turn it on the display screen is black. Are there steps I am missing? What do I need to do to turn on the screen?

Kays Alatrakchi

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Re: New BMPCC 4k

PostWed Aug 04, 2021 4:21 pm

Assuming that you have a lens attached and that the lens cap is off, and that you have it connected to a power source, I would return it and exchange it for another one. The screen should be displaying something the moment you turn the camera on.
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Re: New BMPCC 4k

PostThu Aug 05, 2021 2:37 pm

I had the same issue with my P6K and sent it back to be replaced.

I found that if you take the battery out for 24 hours (or more sometimes) and the capacitors inside are drained when your put the battery in and turn it on the screen will work for a about 10 minutes. In this time I turned on Bluetooth and used the Blackmagic control App and I could still control all the features with the screen working or not. I used an EVF for this setup for a week to finish a short film shoot before returning the camera.

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