Did I just break my camera

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Did I just break my camera

PostSat Aug 06, 2022 8:20 am

Hey all

I'm on a doc trip to the UK (from US) and before I left I picked up a Micro Cinema and a little handheld setup so I could have a nice little raw shooter in addition to the production's main camera. The trouble comes in the voltage. I stocked up on lp-e6 batteries and now on the second day, I attempted to charge them with a 100-240v travel charger, plus an adapter to convert the plug from US to UK. I noticed the charge status light was not functioning, I tried a few configurations of different batteries, chargers, and adapters, all brand new. When nothing seemed to be working, I decided to just work with what juice I had. I grabbed the camera to check the percentages of each battery and without thinking about it threw in one of the batteries I was trying to charge. Now the camera doesn't turn on at all, with any battery regardless of if I tried charging it or not. Did I just fry the camera? If I did, is this something fixable, or am I out of luck? Thanks all.
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Re: Did I just break my camera

PostMon Aug 08, 2022 5:23 am

There is too many things going on, not clear what happened.

Did you have a separate charger for the batteries, or did you charge them in camera?

Do you know the batteries have charge on them?

Can you power the camera with power supply. Do you know the power supply is good?

If you have charged batteries and/or good power supply and the camera will not start, sounds like you have a problem with the camera. You could still try powering up just the camera, nothing connected, not even lens. just battery and camera.
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Re: Did I just break my camera

PostMon Aug 08, 2022 9:43 am

If you're traveling maybe you didn't bring the mains power supply for this camera, but that would be the easy test: just plug it in and see if the camera powers up. If you were using a separate charger to charge the batteries I can't see how a battery itself could fry your camera; the more likely scenario is that the batteries are all dead. Canon chargers only work with genuine Canon batteries, and third-party chargers sometimes don't work with genuine Canon batteries. Best bet is to get a charger made for the specific brand of battery you are using.
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