Broadcast G2 - iris control not working with analogue lenses

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Adam Copland

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Broadcast G2 - iris control not working with analogue lenses

PostWed Nov 30, 2022 5:06 am

Hi all,

It seems the broadcast G2 iris control doesn’t work properly with analogue lenses meaning we can’t use CCU with our older Canon PJ55x box lenses.

Works perfectly with our URSA mini pro G1s.

Is this something that is likely to be fixed in a software update does anybody know?

Steve Fishwick

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Re: Broadcast G2 - iris control not working with analogue le

PostWed Nov 30, 2022 8:44 am

On an old analogue J16 SD lens here, I have found that iris from the camera button works reliably on the UBG2, but is flaky from the lens button. This is true no matter how I play with the gain for iris on the lens itself. Interesting what you say about the Ursa Mini Pro G1s, or do you mean Ursa Broadcast G1s? In any case, although I shall be using digital modern lenses in the future, it would good if this was sorted.

Howard Roll

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Re: Broadcast G2 - iris control not working with analogue le

PostThu Dec 01, 2022 5:45 pm

I don't think we're going to see any push from BM to support SD 4:3 lenses on their 4K cameras.

That said many old lenses are capable of analog and serial/digital operation. The default shipping configuration is typically analog and there's a magic sequence to reboot the lens into serial mode. For example this (see attached) is the sequence for booting an ancient (~20 years) standard def Fujinon A22X7.8 lens into serial mode.

Whether or not the J55 Canon supports serial (maybe that's what makes the Digi-Super Digi?) or what the process is I can't say. Anytime I've called Canon they've been helpful and forthcoming with information so it may be worth a shot.

As an alternative, Kim Janson has developed an interface to overcome this limitation.


Good Luck

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