URSA 4.6K G2 possible Updates

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URSA 4.6K G2 possible Updates

PostMon Dec 05, 2022 4:23 pm

Hello everybody,
some thoughts about the Ursa 4.6k G2

1. Higher framerates by implementing BRAW as 10bit readout? Maybe 500p in HD possible or 1000i (interlaced)?
Maybe the sensor has an option to work in 10bit to get higher framrates, for broadcast 10bit is enough.
2. Please add Detail sharpening in camera as an option for BRAW-recording
3. When in Video Gamma or in general: please add options for Sharpness, Saturation, Contrast, Lift, Gamma and Gain, to match the Ursa in broadcast environments without the need of ATEM and Software.
Please add an option for output levels over SDI: full and legal/studio swing.
4. Detail sharpening does not work with the my ATEM Mini Pro when choosing BRAW as codec.
5. Please add Chromatic Aberration Correction for B4 Lenses.
6. Sensor calibration is not possible when in HD windowed mode / sensor crop: camera says „too much light“ although lens cap on.

Maybe a general option for all BMD cameras in 10bit can offer higher HFR?

Any thoughts?
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Re: URSA 4.6K G2 possible Updates

PostMon Dec 05, 2022 8:39 pm

After three years without any updates for the UMPG2, I'd say don't hold your breath expecting these things. In fact, there's a bigger laundry list of features that came to the Pockets and the UMP12K that need to come to the UMPG2 first that are more easily achievable than what you have requested.

Those include:
1) A few more Preset Frame Guides & Custom Frame Guides
2) Pinch to Zoom 8X
3) Expanded Q BRAW Recording Options
4) Updated UI & Menu that came to Pockets this year

I'm sure I may be forgetting something. But that's the main 4 that would still be possible based on the firmware for the other cameras. Actually, it's ironic, but the UMPG1 got the custom frame guides.

Either way, August 2019 was the last firmware update for the UMPG2. So don't expect any more at this point since Blackmagic Design has not done any at all in the 3+ Years since.
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