Feature request : pixel remap URSA 12k

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Feature request : pixel remap URSA 12k

PostFri May 19, 2023 3:19 am

From what I’ve read many sensors (not just BM) suffer from blown or hot pixels. They turn up as bright red or green pixels on your footage and are cumbersome to remove. Thankfully blackmagic has the pixel remap and black shade feature on their cameras which helps remove this BUT NOT ALL of their cameras have this. Namely their flagship URSA PRO 12k.

I recently was about to buy an ursa 12k from a friend but realized it had two dead pixels and no way to fix it. Please blackmagic, give us a simple firmware update with pixel remap as this is the only thing holding me back from wanting this camera. RED offers it. Your other cameras offer it. Please.

Sensor replacements cause $2500 and I KNOW there has to be a way to fix this issue. It will help with QC so much.

I love blackmagic but also am aware most sensors get dead pixels.we need a way to fix it.
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Re: Feature request : pixel remap URSA 12k

PostMon Jun 05, 2023 10:00 pm

I second this. I own the 12k and have a hot pixel (noticeable more in lower light/exposure).

I would love to have the pixel remapped function operational in a new firmware.

This request is super important.

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Re: Feature request : pixel remap URSA 12k

PostWed Jun 07, 2023 3:01 pm

This has been said by Tim Schumann from Blackmagic in 2020:

Tim Schumann wrote:It will not require black shading calibration. That is specific to the 4.6K sensor.

As this person will be able to see in the UI there is a greyed out button for 'Pixel Recalibration' like the 'Pixel Remap' button in the Pocket cameras... it is not currently active as it is not currently required but we will most likely add that in software further down the track to correct for hot pixels that may show up over time.


John Brawley mentioned this:
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Re: Feature request : pixel remap URSA 12k

PostThu Jun 08, 2023 12:13 am

Until then, Resolve has Dead Pixel Fixer in OFX.

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