Issues with Blackmagic Pocket 4K after repair

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Issues with Blackmagic Pocket 4K after repair

PostSat Nov 09, 2019 12:08 am

Hello everyone,

I have used my Pocket 4K for a few months now, even shot a tv series with it and all went well. Then I rented it out last month and the guys using it broke the usb port (don't ask me how). They sent it to repair in São Paulo (we are three states away) and I just got it back today.
There seems to be a few issues with it:

The most obvious one is that when set to Blackmagic Raw the blacklevels on the display are grey. I have tried to illustrate this in this video:

The lens cap is on it so the image is just black. But when set to Raw the image turns a light grey. Then I switched it to prores again and it turns black.
I have played back the footage on my Mac and it is black.

However the second issue seems much more problematic: when trying to playback the raw footage on the camera it freezes. I have to remove the battery so it reboots. Again, prores records and plays fine.

Third issue is these weird reddish patterns I see on the playback:

Hope is visible on the video.

Can anyone help me? Anyone seen this issues? I tried a factory reset, nothing changed. Then tried to update but it seems the maintenance guys already done that. It has the 6.6 firmware installed.
Should I return it to maintenance? It will be a huge hassle as it is in another state.

Maybe someone from Blackmagic can assist me?


EDIT: I have already tried changing SSDs and the grey color IS NOT the flat log profile. It remains grey with display lut ON.
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