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D-Handle Pocket.

PostTue Sep 15, 2020 5:34 pm

Thinking of the holding balance of the pocket design, I've come up with a new idea, I call D-Handle.

The pocket is absurdly big, but that is what I asked for. If they couldn't fit 4k in a pocket, why not make the pocket more the size of the original cinema camera, that is what it is.

But it would be great to have the mount to the side with the ability to swing around into a camcorder format with the screen pivoting out and around. But they would not want to do this, because it then puts your sensor off centre when using it in normal mode, producing image balancing issues, and strange rolling shutter effects. But this is where D-Handle comes in.

D-Handel would attach to the side where the mount is, extending the camera out centering the mount again. But in D-Handle a battery can be put and interfaces. In the handle or in the frame between the grip and mount. Still a cool look. It enables you to shorten the width and height of the pocket again, and make it thinner. Very cool practical look. The D-Handle also pivots around flush to the side for transport and in camcorder mode to use as a pro camcorder control grip, but could be positioned out to hold the camera in camcorder mode that way too. There are a few little mechanical control issues, but that's what I got so far.
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