bmcc ef with 35mm lens adapter footage

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earl riddick

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bmcc ef with 35mm lens adapter footage

PostThu Sep 12, 2013 7:04 pm

Ok so I've been wanting to test the theory of this for a while, will a 35mm lens adapter work on the bmcc and give any benefits in the process. Well there seems to be good news and bad news. Me and a friend decided to try it out and amazingly it works. However the test we did (link to footage is below) was just a proof of concept and as such was very bodge. The adapter was just loosely pushed up against the camera (a custom step up solution will be needed for the final tests). The only lens we had that would focus on the ground glass was a soft zoom (this is because the lens needs to be able to focus to 0.3 and all our sharp primes only went to 0.4) and perhaps the biggest drawback to this test was the fact that we had (relatively) very low light. So good news and bad. Good news is that it seems to work and have great potential. Also for those that have the ef model and have a 35mm adapter gathering dust it seems to be a great way to get more dof and a wider fov. For those with the mft obviously the metabones is a prefered solution imo. Bad news is that going through all the glass seems to loose a lot of light (about 3 stops) although this may be fixed with a better prime lens. In some situations (mainly low light) there is a lot of vignetting. Both bad and good depending how you look at it is that it also softens the image a fair amount. Anyway Download the footage below to see for yourself and stay posted for some more in depth tests. Cheers

password = bmcc

Brian Caldwell

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Re: bmcc ef with 35mm lens adapter footage

PostSat Sep 14, 2013 9:09 pm

Regarding the Speed Booster, it uses extremely efficient multilayer coatings, and the optical transmission is about 96%, so the total optical loss is only 0.06 stops. Also, when used on a BMCC there is no vignetting to speak of, regardless of the attached lens.


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Re: bmcc ef with 35mm lens adapter footage

PostSat Sep 14, 2013 9:43 pm

This kind of cracks me up. In early days of adapters I built and bought a few adapters. Each had a level of issues, and we begged for a just a camera with a larger sensor. At least one similar in size to film on a 35mm cinema camera. Eventually the 5D II hit the market and became an instant cinema favorite. Then the 7 D, and every thing else poured into the market. Large format video has mushroomed with several cameras out there doing that. Adapter sales died.

I am just thinking that this is not an exercise that will result in anything useful, but I will be curious to see if you make a go of it..

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