Yellow / White light instead of red when charging battery?

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Yellow / White light instead of red when charging battery?

PostSun Apr 11, 2021 8:13 pm


I looked throughout the BMPCC 6K Pro's manual, this forum and on Google as well - perhaps you can help me?

Got the new Battery grip for the 6K Pro, bought batteries for it, plugged it in correctly, all good.
When I put the camera to charge, wall socket charger, it doesn't display the red light constantly anymore, but it fluctuates between Yellow / Red / No light.
I'm assuming that's yellow, or white maybe. Somewhere in between.

The batteries ARE charging and they function correctly... but perhaps there is an issue with them? I'm worried this might damage the camera.
When charging just the internal battery, without the battery grip attached, everything is normal and the red light is on constantly, no issues.

Any thoughts on this, please?
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