Pocket 6K Camera Drops frames while recording ProRes 4K HQ

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Pocket 6K Camera Drops frames while recording ProRes 4K HQ

PostMon Apr 19, 2021 12:33 am

I received my Pocket Cinema Camera 6K a couple of months before the pandemic. At the time the computer I had did not support Blackmagic RAW playback or editing, so I shot a music video for a local band in ProRes 4k (I think 422). During the shoot I never played back any of the shots on camera. All of the files came out fine and I completed the video. Fast forward to today during what is hopefully near the end of the pandemic lockdowns. I've since bought a new computer and have recorded some non-music related videos in Blackmagic RAW 6K, played back on the camera, and completed the videos with no issues. All of this (ProRes and RAW recordings) while recording on a 1TB Samsung Portable SSD T5. Last night a different local band asked if I could complete a video shoot for their music video. An out of town videographer shot most of their footage in ProRes HQ 4K using a BMDPCC 4K, but could not return to record a few more shots. I showed up with my camera set to record ProRes HQ 4K and attached SSD and during recording around 5 seconds in, the camera stops recording. I'd never had this issue before so quickly against my better judgement I turned off the "Stop Recording if Frame Drops" setting. The camera recorded fine but would not play the clips back without freezing. I played some of them back on a laptop and they played fine, so I recorded the rest of the clips. 8 Clips total. I made sure that the camera was still recording at the end of each clip. When I get home, I put the clips in Premiere Pro (I'm not completely comfortable with Resolve yet) and the first clip gives me a drop frame error but plays all the way through but will not export in Adobe Media Encoder. The next 6 clips play and export fine. The last clip, though I saw it still recording before I paused it, recorded only 53 seconds of about a 3 minute take. Playback in my timeline is very glitchy meaning the clip is useless. Any ideas on what I'm dealing with here? By the way, my camera was on a tripod and plugged into an outlet.

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