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Camera pocket4k faulty

PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2021 6:49 pm
by Israel Diaz Torralba
Hello there,

Can you help me, I have the entire ecosystem in blackmagic, 3 Blackmagic pocket 4k, 1 Blackmagic pocket 6k Pro, 3 pocket old, 1 Production 4k, 1 BMCC, ATEM, Micro panel ...

On May 17, a pocket 4k camera number 5489257 appeared red pixels and was sent to balckmagic for repair. It was bought before quarantine and it almost not used more.
It was shipped May 17th to Blackmagic and returned July 24th of that year, 2 months later. After 1 wedding the pixels reappear is detected on August 28.

I have spoken with the seller and he tells me that I am waiting for Blackmagic to pronounce itself and I think What does it have to pronounce? what should be his face fall in shame.

This is unthinkable in other eco systems and it leaves me out of the whole wedding season.

I sent an email to Emea and nothing at all, I have to make a video on my yoytube channel alerting people to the post sale that Blackmagic has or to report them to the consumer in Spain.

I'm very disgusted