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Horizontal Bands in 23.98 not 24 - that okay?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2021 10:28 pm
by magnumdb

EDIT: I was in ProRes seeing the flickering. In BRAW it's not there. So question #3 - Why is THAT?

After much (MUCH!) testing with a Godox ML60bi at 5600k and camera set to 5600k too, I noticed constant horizontal bands traveling up or down the frame.

I tried every dim setting on the light, tried every ISO, tried every shutter angle, and did all of this in both the 50Hz and 60Hz settings. Bands were always there.

Then I switched from 23.98fps to 24fps and the banding went away. Two questions:

1) Why is this?

2) In the age of the internet, does it really matter if I don't shoot in 23.98 anymore? None of my work will be printed to film, but if it's played on YouTube or Vimeo or projected at a film festival... is 24p a problem? What about burning to a playable Bluray? Or throwing into Plex or on a USB drive and watching on a television?

Thanks So Much,

Re: Horizontal Bands in 23.98 not 24 - that okay?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2021 10:42 pm
by carlomacchiavello
From what I remember 23.98 is electronic version of 24, well suite for 59.97 frequency, but only if you need to mix with other cameras that shoot only 23.98 and not 24, to avoid audio shifting. I think may be the real reason behind banding that you see with this light.
If you not need it shoot in 24p (which is real frame rate print on film), you not have any other reasons to shoot at 23.98. Anyway at today modern digital projector can play at least 24-25-30-48 FPS.

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