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Scratch -Play is amazing for BMPC-4K

PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2014 1:07 pm
by Mike Collier
I don't normally do this, promoting software or whatever, but I ran into a new piece of software that in a quick few hours has become a primary piece of software I'll be using for quite some time. Also it's free. I don't work for assimilate, I just happened to find it and fall in love with it quickly. Apologies if it's old news-seems to have been out for almost a year.

Play lets you play footage back, do quick color grades without a powerful system, works with just about any format, multiple framerates, etc. It works with footage from my BMPC-4K, both in 4K and HD prores.

It seems to be a powerful tool, I like it a lot, check it out. There is a free version, and a 5 dollar premium version. The free version has small unobtrusive ads, and I don't think there are any crippled features in the free version. Also you can save/import the LUTs for use in Resolve.

Definitely not a replacement for Resolve, but as a dedicated Windows user, it is nice to be able to play prores without having to turn to the dreadful quicktime player. Also because it allows you to organize all your footage, it makes reviewing footage with client really fast and easy. Also because my clients don't always rent my Dreamcolor/HDlink live grading solution, it's a good way to allay fears I have noticed on set (I wish it looked more colorful, I wish this color was that color, it's too dark, etc.) for me whose laptop isn't equipped with a very good GPU, it makes it possible to show them a down and dirty run through of what all is possible with color grading (as well as send at least something to the post end, if not a refined Resolve grade). It also lets me remind them that if they did rent the Dreamcolor/HDlink, they could see all these things in realtime, perhaps setting things up for an upsell on the next gig.

Anyway, it is on Assimilates website, it is fantastic. I won't link, because I am not sure if it breaks policy on this website.

All I have to say-Blackmagic, if you have some extra cash on hand BUY THIS COMPANY! Their software is great, but their pricing structure is completely ridiculous. They are close with this software, but having 900/year rental for other products that are less developed than Resolve? I can get the entire slate of Adobe's products for less. BMD make it happen, and make it integrate with your camera, decklink and post workflow. (rant over)