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Sensor or Monitor issue.. BMCC2.5k

PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:40 am
by DAFmedia
so just got this camera, and ive noticed some issues and since i havent gotten a chance to record (waiting on mac mini) i'm not sure if this is the monitor or a sensor issue.. look at the penquins belly..that is a reflection of a florescent light.. its blue is this typical? do the bmcc has a sensitivity to flourescents? this is a studio light, daylight balanced 5.6kImage

anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Sensor or Monitor issue.. BMCC2.5k

PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:55 am
by Jason Munn
Hi DAFmedia,

Camera white balance settings and light color temperature generally work in opposite directions. Daylight at 5,600 K produces a cool blue light. Dim light at 3,200 K produces warm, red light. Lights are typically balanced to emulate a colour temperature. Cameras are balanced to compensate against a color temperature.

For example, tungsten light balanced for daylight (5,600 K) will output a blue color cast. Conversely, your camera set at 5600 K compensates against the blue cast by warming the picture. The result is whites that appear white.

When we’re inside for a while under dim light, then walk outside under a bright sun, we often notice the strong blue light in comparison to the warm dim light inside. It doesn’t take long before our brains compensate by effectively performing an internal white balance.

Your Blackmagic Cinema Camera shown in the photo is set to 3200 K, which adds to the blue cast because it’s set for shooting in dim light (warm) which compensates by cooling the image. This is likely why the penguin has a blue highlight on his belly.

Increasing the color temperature on your Blackmagic Cinema Camera will warm your picture and balance out the blue cast.

Best regards,