Some BMPC issues

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Some BMPC issues

PostMon Apr 07, 2014 8:59 am

Just returned from my first shoot with the BMPC and have experienced a few issues - I wondered if anyone else has:

-exposure/ISO inconsistencies: same scene, same frame, same studio lighting; returned after lunch and power-down/DIT to find that the same f-stop and ISO no longer exposed even vaguely in the same ball park. Apart from that, there was a niggling feeling through out the shoot that the ISOs weren't ISOs - they seemed to be wandering and variable (but the above example was the only time I could actually know that something was up)

-with a 24-70mm f2.8L (on the EF mount camera), racking through the focal lengths changed the exposure. This is on a constant aperture lens. I could see the Zebra shift as I zoomed, leaving different parts of the scene exposed correctly depending on focal length! Perhaps something to do with the EF flange?

-some basic annoyances, included things like:
--->The camera forgetting my ISO and stop when flicking between playback and recording modes (annoying when it's easy to hit the wrong buttons)
--->a severe green tint to the image (something of a problem on a camera that does not yet record raw, and a limtted number of WB presets with no manual option)
--->The helicoil thing!? What gives - why not just ship it with an industry standard? The helicoil came out and bent first time I took the camera ff the baseplate and tried to remount it to another - it bent, and I had no way of mounting the camera to any tripod
---> the SDI-out was unable to deliver 'video' profile to the monitor, when the camera was set to 'film'. This was consistent to all monitors though - a small field monitor over a short SDI cable was fine, but the studio monitor never got the video profile unless we switched the record profile to video mode... and then is was very easy to foret to switch it back before recording

I'm praying for a firmware update that address these.

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