The Problem With The New Cameras

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The Problem With The New Cameras

PostMon Apr 07, 2014 6:37 pm

They look AMAZING.

But so did the 4K BMPC.

If the 4K, after a year of delays actually worked the way they should, I would order one in a heartbeat. The problem is, they don't. Sure, Blackmagic will do this, update that, repair this sensor.....

All that matters is the camera that works in your hand.

Don't pre-order. Don't buy on hype or speculation. Thats just my opinion. Until they actually release a camera that I can buy, ship overnight from B&H, and it works the way it says it does, and it is reviewed well, I won't buy it.

I've bought every single new mac product (including every single iPhone since the original) like this, and I've bought them the day they were released, without a pre-order.

With all that said, I'm sort of miffed that Blackmagic didn't say a word today about upcoming firmware/fixes for the BMCC/BMPC which both have problems, that need to be fixed to work properly as originally specced.

Their strategy with the camera lineup and vision is stellar, with proper support and execution they could be king of the film/video market.

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