Disappointed in our support...

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Disappointed in our support...

PostMon Apr 07, 2014 11:07 pm

I was a huge supporter of BMCC, and have for the last year told everyone about it and sang its praises all over the nation on shoots. Lately though, I am feeling like those of us that had faith, pre-orded, and waited a very long time for our cameras, have been completely forgotten about. You guys are updating your cameras more often than most PAs change their underwear, and what have us original users gotten? Nothing... Still have issues with some lenses, still no VUs, no compressed RAW, Nothing!?!? And now you announce yet another camera?!?! I can tell you, this is not motivating me to purchase another Blackmagic Camera. It's a very impressive system you have announced, but I just have the feeling that it will be phased out, and completely ignored by support, just as the BMCC 2.5k has been. I will not consider the new URSA, until I start seeing some attention given to my BMCC. Otherwise, our next cinema camera will come from the competition.

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