How to complain?

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How to complain?

PostTue Apr 08, 2014 9:38 am

"It was really designed to be a small intimate camera used for creative work where you need to get in close and personal"

Thats the quote about the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Why call it a "Cinema" camera?

I've read much on these forums over the last couple of years, and bought 2 x Cinema Cameras during this time.
I've often thought that folk on here have been complaining a bit too much. but after reading the press release yesterday I have to say I have reached a point where I really can't let this stand.

The Cinema camera is a great camera, but it is in dire need of the kind of firmware updates that most manufactures add as standard.

And now Blackmagic are seemingly positioning it as a "hobby" camera in order to justify their bigger more expensive model.

I completely understand that BMD are a commercial outfit like any other that have to innovate and release new products each year. But... you can't just abandon support for existing products.

The BMCC has never received any kind of meaningful update, and for all those users of the camera this is really disgraceful.

My question is who/where is the best place to write to to register my complaint?

i don't want to rant on this forum, because thats going to do absolutely nothing.
Instead, if a substantial number of disgruntled users all contact BMD with heir grievance maybe it will force a rethink.

I must repeat that I adore my BMCC cameras and their extraordinary achievement for the price.
I don't expect audio. Thats not why I bought it. In fact, i don't expect a whole bunch of features. I just want a solid reliable camera with some sensible functions.


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