Return BMPC 4K and wait for URSA

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Philippe Bendayan

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Return BMPC 4K and wait for URSA

PostSun Apr 13, 2014 9:39 pm

I have the option to return my BMPC 4K and get my $ back. If I keep it I also have to buy a rig. Maby it is a good thing to wait for URSA. What you guys think?

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Philippe Bendayan
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Rakesh Malik

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Re: Return BMPC 4K and wait for URSA

PostSun Apr 13, 2014 9:41 pm

I suppose it depends on when you need your camera. I wouldn't be surprised if the Ursa shipped only to bloggers in July, and in volume in December.
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Scott Stacy

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Re: Return BMPC 4K and wait for URSA

PostMon Apr 14, 2014 12:15 am

If your 4K works well, like mine, I'd keep it and use the URSA as an A camera in 2017 when it comes out without bugs.
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Re: Return BMPC 4K and wait for URSA

PostMon Apr 14, 2014 12:33 am

I already did return my 4K as it don's work properly right now and nobody can tell me when it does or even if it will really do that one day!

And about URSA I can only say, it belongs to what you want and if you are willing and able to spend a multiple of the camera price in media as the used Cfast cards are very expensive and relaively small (largest 128GB at the moment, ready to record 2.5 minutes RAW @ 60fps and costs 1200€, for recording 30minutes you need cards for over 13,000 $ whis is double the price of the camera…)

In my opinion the URSA is completely uninteresting with Cfast. It's too expensive afterwards (media) and much too unpractical (recording time). For the same price of Camera and media I can get a RED!

For at least 90% (maybe much more) customers who could be interested in URSA this is the exclusion criterion. I maybe would buy URSA (if blackmagic can make it to deliver the camera earlier than one year after anouncement and deliver working products) if it had double SSD instrad of Cfast to record RAW footage properly and affordable. Before I spend 20.000 for a URSA I would spend the same money for a RED Scarlet incl. Dragon upgrade. And If Blackmagic is not able or willing to offer the cam they will lose me (and more than 90 of the other potentiel clients or even more) because I will definitely not (!) buy this cam with Cfast only! If Blackmagic is adamant in Cfast I will have a look at Kinefinity's cams first, that seems to be the better alternatives to blackmagic at the moment, not only as I believe them more tha BM that they can deliver working products (regarding the expierience with BMCC and BMPC) and they DO have SSDs in their cams (even dual SSD in their new 6K cam) and they also have higher framerates

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