Cinema Camera on JonnyJib Crane

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Cinema Camera on JonnyJib Crane

PostSat Aug 25, 2012 6:15 pm

I am wanting to use a Cinema Camera on a JonnyJib Crane and looking for ideas. JonnyJib makes and remote control for Zoom/Focus and I can use a SDI to HDMI converter for the monitor in theory but would like to get some opinions form others.

I shoot music shows and would be using 2 BM Cinema cameras replacing my Canon XHA1 cameras. I hope to be able to add BM ATEM and SmartView monitors to my rig for a producer to help get a better overall product.

My questions would be first Lenses choices. I have to make sure they are support by JonnyJib but mainly suggestions for lenses that would be flexible in this uses. Center Camera is usually 20 to 30 feet away center stage. The Crane is usually 12 to 18 feet depending on the show. Most of the time I should have time to set each shot from the Crane but will have some flyins and sweeps.

I would appreciate any suggestions and realize very few have touch the camera at this time.
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Re: Cinema Camera on JonnyJib Crane

PostSat Aug 25, 2012 7:19 pm

Having limited experience with cranes, I used a 35mm prime (canon 5D) for an outdoor shoot with a fstop of 11 which gave me enough depth of field to be able to stay in focus (bare in mind I'm coming from an indie background, havig a viewing monitor is a perk! Haha)

I think for the BMC a lens such as a 15mm or a 10mm wide would be good but since you are 10-15 feet away from the stage even a 28 or 35mm would be fine.

I'm speaking from what I would imagine it would look like, all lenses are full frame referenced.


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