5500 vs 3200K for night interiors

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5500 vs 3200K for night interiors

PostSun Nov 18, 2012 12:54 pm

When recording a nighttime interior with the BCC under fully controlled lighting conditions are you better off color balancing to 5500 or 3200K?

Typically one would go the tungsten route and keep things a little warmer, but I’m wondering if the sensor is daylight biased, and if it is, if there would be any advantage in designing your lighting around a 5500K balance and then warming things up in the grade.

Margus Voll

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Re: 5500 vs 3200K for night interiors

PostSun Nov 18, 2012 7:34 pm

excellent question.

i have seen with red when you use tungsten wo blue gel you will have serious noise in post on blue channel.

So it would be really nice to know how bmc sensor is "balanced".
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Re: 5500 vs 3200K for night interiors

PostSun Nov 18, 2012 9:03 pm

Brawley says it's native to daylight-ish, as a CMOS sensor would be. Regardless, if you think about night in this way: that the moonlight is actually sunlight reflecting back to earth from the moon, then youhave a roughly daylight-balanced situation anyway. Street lamps look horribly artificial and tungsten bulbs will be very warm. Lightly gel tungsten lamps if they'll just be seen and CTB those lighting the scenes. You may just have to move them closer. Or get HMI's. :D what I wouldn't do is shoot through a blue filter. Do any Hollywood blue-ing to look like "night" in post. Same if you're doing day for night. Expose for highlights and cool the color temp in post.
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Kholi Hicks

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Re: 5500 vs 3200K for night interiors

PostMon Nov 19, 2012 5:46 pm

Actually, this was an early RED thing. Isn't a big deal anymore.

In my testing experience, Blackmagic likes tungsten light just fine and there's no reason to fear it. It definitely is CMOS and loves 4400K+ but there isn't any reason to avoid it or forcing the spectrum with gels unless it's a creative choice.

It also doesn't do too bad with street lamps, normal indoor lamp bulbs, house security flood lamps and stadium lights either if you can't correct them with respective gels. Ideally, though, you would replace what you can with better quality or dimmable bulbs.
Kholi Hicks

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