What would your Basic Camera Kit be?

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George Wharmby

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What would your Basic Camera Kit be?

PostMon Aug 27, 2012 12:52 pm

Ok, here it is. What would be your Kit to get the camera good to go? I'm personally going for the stuff that's a mix between great quality and easy on the wallet. I think to start off with the shoots i've got planned are going to in pro-res (film) rather than Raw...once I upgrade to 16gb ram I'm going to tackle the raw files. Anyway, I'm currently writing a list of need to get items.

1) Lenses
2) SSD
3) Back-up Battery
4) SSD reader
5) Bag/hangles/rig
6) add-ons

I'm going to be using my trusty Zoom H4 as a 4 track with a gun mic for audio, it's done me proud for about 5 years now and still going strong (knock on wood). Here's what i'm thinking of getting:

1) Lenses - a zeiss 50 1.4f and a Tokina 11-16

2) Kingston Technology HyperX 3K 2.5 inch 240GB SSD (to start with)

3) I'm hoping some loverly company would make one of those camera mounted battery's that screw in the tripod mounts...you see a lot of them for 7d's etc on ebay. Maybe if someone worked out how to mod them?

4) Seagate STAE126 Thunderbolt Adaptor

5) Probably going to be a Hadley Camera Bag.Image

6) I haven't really looked at the rig for the blackmagic yet...I haven't ordered the optional handles.

Lets hear about your basic camera must haves..


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Re: What would your Basic Camera Kit be?

PostMon Aug 27, 2012 1:21 pm

My wishlist is mainly for a decent set of lenses which I currently lack.

Samyang have just announced a new line of affordable "Cine lenses" expected to be available in Sept so will wait and see if they gather some good reviews.


Otherwise, I've been looking at some other options (although I can't afford them currently!) 

Zeiss ZF.2 50mm 1.4 
Zeiss ZF.2 35 mm 2.0
Zeiss ZF.2 85mm 1.4 
Samyang 8mm / Tokina 11-16mm

And that's BEFORE:

New shoulder rig
Follow focus
Matte box 
SSD reader
V-lock battery
LED light panel

Man, this is expensive!! 
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