DP with a BMCC in the London area for a fictional VFX short?

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DP with a BMCC in the London area for a fictional VFX short?

PostFri Dec 28, 2012 9:00 pm


I’ve given up that I’ll get my MFT BMCC any time soon. Should have stuck with the EF version and not switched. Grant don't forsake us!

I have a project that’s going to be using previs in a green screen environment. A majestic fictional, character driven, story driven show piece; that uses plenty of previs and VFX.

On-set previs, from what I gather, is the new wave of filmmaking. I would like the cinematographer to be included and be integral to the process, ‘cause I think that will make a better authentic film, and also the only way to keep with making incredible artistic work.

The shoot is to take place in the London (UK) area and I have use of a new green screen studio. You have to be comfortable for your BMCC to be on a telescopic crane (it’s already been used for a Hollywood shoot, so it’s proper) and learn to operate it. There will also be markerless technology camera motion tracking for hand held stuff. Plus we will be using virtual sets and all sorts.

This would suit a DP who wants to learn more about previs, working on a fictional short film, and want to get in very early in the filmmaking process to help this to be a better film.

If you are a DP with a BMCC (or reckon you’ll get yours soon because you pre-ordered early) then please contact me. You can also email me directly on:


Jules Bushell
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Re: DP with a BMCC in the London area for a fictional VFX sh

PostFri Dec 28, 2012 11:18 pm

You got mail

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