2K over SDI ... Extreme 3D

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2K over SDI ... Extreme 3D

PostWed Aug 29, 2012 8:05 pm

BMD you have this wonderful card .. Decklink Extreme 3D.
How hard would it be for you to give the BMDCC 2k output over SDI?

It doesn't sound hard to me .. I could be wrong.

This would straight away make me purchase the Extreme 3D .. and probably a second Cinema Camera when you make it genlockable. Or I find away to measure a sync pulse from it.
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Re: 2K over SDI ... Extreme 3D

PostWed Aug 29, 2012 9:24 pm

I've been thinking the exact same thing. They have the Decklink Extreme 3D and the Decklink 4K(coming soon). I already have several Decklink Extreme cards and I was planning on getting two Decklink 4K cards depending on what the BMCC outputs through sdi. I need to be able to film upwards of three hours raw/uncompressed non stop using multiple cameras, so recording to a 512GB ssd is not an option.
It just makes reasonable sense to enable 2K output from sdi. I would like to see the BMCC output 2.5K and/or 2K at 12bit 4:4:4 through sdi... this would easily be captured by the newest Decklink cards. If Blackmagic would make 2K 12bit 4:4:4 output through sdi, I'd purchase several BMC cameras and two Decklink 4K cards.

My Wishlist:
1) Output 2.5K, 2K, and 1080p at 12bit 4:4:4 uncompressed through sdi
2) Output 1080p Raw
3) To be able to output Raw through sdi ( I don't know if it's possible but that would give an alternative for those of us who have to record Raw/uncompressed for long hours at a time nonstop).
4) 60fps or higher at all resolutions(2.5K, 2K, 1080p)
5) Micro 4/3 adapter
6) Genlock
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