BMCC Commercial in Cinemas Switzerland

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BMCC Commercial in Cinemas Switzerland

PostThu Feb 14, 2013 8:45 pm

Hi everyone

I had the luck to test a Demo BMCC, 1 of 3 cameras in our country (Switzerland). Im working in a cinema and i am trying to get a professional cinematographer. So, i invested in new equipment and also in the lovely BMCC. Still waiting for my personal one :( We planed a little Clip about the garbage problem with our audience and i was inspired by the new "Man of Steel" Trailer. Well, we did some Superman VFX with the BMCC.

No additonal Lights (pretty hard in cinema, but BMCC did well)
Lenses: Zeiss CP.2 18mm & 35mm
Kessler Dolly and Tripod.
Shot in RAW - ISO 800 Shutter 180°
Colorgraded in Adobe RAW Converter (Bridge) Edited with Premiere CS6. Have to do more practice there, i know :)

Well, this was my first RAW Project and im still a Film-Amateur, but Feedback from the audience is good.


For those who doesnt speek Swiss/German.
Slogan says: The Hero in this Clips is fictitious. The Garbage not. Thank you for helping us to reduce waste and keep our cinemas clean.

P.S. Sry for the bad English.
Stefan Jäger
HIGHER CREATION- passionate pictures

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