live music film shot on bmcc

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live music film shot on bmcc

PostThu May 09, 2013 11:15 pm

Hey guys, I had the chance to shoot some stuff with the blackmagic..
Although the display is a pain in the --- ( you dont see anything at all even with the 709 on in bright sunlight), I liked this camera.
For handheld work the rolling shutter might be a problem although its less then a problem if you compare it with 5d.
You really need a extra display or viewfinder, because i had to overexpose the shots more then i wanted to do (otherwise I wouldnt have seen it), therefore the framing was not what it should have been.
But this is a takeway concept, where i set up musicians in 10 minutes shoot them in one take, so it isnt something to worrie about..
I will drop 7 more films in the next days.
I shot this on a 200 iso, with a 16-35 canon lens opened at f3.5.
i had a fader nd attached, and therefore i had to key out a lot of greenish stuff (due to the lack of ir cut in these filters), the lens has a plastic look, and a bad bookeh, so with a other lens attached it would have looked much better. hope you like it anyway

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