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Re: BMPCC4K start shipping

PostMon Mar 11, 2019 1:32 am

I think the debate over the April delay theory can finish now. Numerous members have confirmed recent deliveries which debunks the theory. It is now irrelevant where the information originated.

Robust discussions and differences of opinion are a large part of this forum. However, personal attacks such as making derogatory remarks about another member's body of work are a clear breach of the terms you all agreed to when signing up to the forum, particularly when the comments have no relevance to the topic being discussed. Such comments will lead to warnings or bans being issued.

If a member feels they are being provoked, it is recommended that it is raised with the moderators who will investigate and take the appropriate action.


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Re: BMPCC4K start shipping

PostMon Mar 11, 2019 1:42 am

How is it derogatory to call someones work average. Look up the word average.

And yes I was provoked into saying that.

And no me getting the camera before April doesnt change what we were told.

Back on topic I was 6th in line at a dealer and it took 5 months for those six orders to be filled and a couple of weeks none of those 6 had been filled.

Yet in the U.S. guys placing orders in January were getting cameras 6 weeks later??? Thats the bigger topic not April.

I'm done like I said pages ago I was done on that topic but theres a small group here that troll.

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