External HDDs and RAW Workflow...

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External HDDs and RAW Workflow...

PostSun May 12, 2013 5:46 am

I'm getting my 2.5k sometime next week, and I was wondering if you guys believed that transferring the files from the SSD to an external Firewire drive, and commencing the editing workflow from there (Resolve ->Premiere -> Resolve -> Premiere -> Final) would be somewhat advisable?
Meaning instead of transferring the files between Resolve and my computer, I'd be transferring the files between a super quick External to Resolve, and back... so the XMLs/DNGs would be placed there. Is this feasible? I've never worked with RAW video before, only stills..

Note: I know it will make the process slower, but that's not of my concern.. The computer I will be using for this camera is not my primary one.

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Re: External HDDs and RAW Workflow...

PostSun May 12, 2013 7:35 am

If i play back my R3Ds from the SSD (RedMag) then they play in quarter res on PremPro or Resolve. The same happens from my external RAID0 where I edit from. Both of these connections are USB3.0.It just about plays (fullstop) from a slower connection like USB2 or FW800.

I think its the way you connect your drive to the computer and not neccessarily the drive itself that your main issue. The cost of regular SSDs compared to RedMags means id just buy more SSDs and edit off the laptop via ThunderBolt or USB3 connection. Even better if you have an internal SSD on the laptop!

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