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Video mode issues

PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 10:31 am
by Iain Anderson
Though they've been noted before, I recently found a very good example of the problems with reds turning orange in Video mode. While I always shoot Film, I monitor with Video and would like to be able to use it from time to time.

There's more of a difference than just contrast and saturation — and in Video, the reds are different to Film. To be clear, if you take Film footage, then change Brightness/Contrast/Gamma/Saturation, you'll get different results to Video footage if there's red in the shot.

Here's a frame shot in Video mode: ... -video.jpg

And one taken straight afterwards in Film (ungraded): ... 1-film.jpg

That same frame shot in Film graded with the free CoreMelt DeFlat plug-in (no hue/colour changes): ... deflat.jpg

And a shot of subject and BMCC taken with an iPhone, so you can judge the difference: ... iphone.jpg

You should be able to see that the Film mode is much closer to reality after simple grading, and that the Video mode has some issues with reds and pinks turning orange. Because I like to shoot in Film with a Video preview, I'd really like to see the Video LUT change in the next firmware release to address the colour shifting.

BTW, that CoreMelt plug-in is free (, and is referenced in the BMCC-specific video on this page: ... magic.html

Disclosure: I created the video on that page for CoreMelt and beta tested their new plug-in. Though I prefer the CoreMelt plug-in for its nicer curves controls, I also created a similar plug-in myself and talked about it here: ... omatically