Campaign video shot with BMPCC4K and GH5

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Blaine Suque

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Campaign video shot with BMPCC4K and GH5

PostThu Jan 24, 2019 4:33 am

Hey guys

I also wanted to show you a video I shot and edited for the W-Hotel / RVCA

I shot everything with my BMPCC4K and a GH5 ( all water footage).

I didn't even bring my Ursa Mini out of its case once. The BMPCC4K is just too convenient as an over the shoulder camera while traveling and run n gun situations.

Hoping to get my water housing for my BMPCC4K next month hopefully.

Everything was shot in 4kDCI Pro res hq for BMPCC4K footage. Did good in low light and night scenes compared to my ursa mini.

Lenses - Panasonic 12-35 2.8 and 25mm 1.4

Not the best at coloring but i gave it my best shot. BM footage was definitely easier to color vs the GH5.

Edited in premier with Filmconvert.

Trying to transition into Resolve for everything, its just taking me some time to get use to it.

Blaine Suque

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