Musings, what could a Micro Cinema 4k/8k be like?

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Musings, what could a Micro Cinema 4k/8k be like?

PostThu Jan 24, 2019 4:00 pm

Hi. I am interested in opening up a discussion if ideas, for what a future Micro Cinema 4k and eventually 8k could be like.

I have considered it a shame the Micro Cinema camera of the past didn't have an LCD option in the back to use it like a stout pocket camera. But somebody pointed out it was going for a Red modular style. Working with both concept styles, what can be done?

One, have a half thickness unit, using advanced micro structured heat sink technology incorporated in abd our of an alloy/metal body, using liquid cooling systems to run to an heat exchanger section and compact external fan for extra performance.

Two, have half thickness also from low powered processing circuits to do braw/dng/prores/paid options for licensed prores raw and other codecs (h264/h265 is also used as handoff codecs for video work). Custom circuitry for jpeg processing, ambarella industry circuits background licensed and used by major camera companies, processing arrays and mobile chip sets in nearly that order of increasing complexity and energy consumption.

Mount the lcd on the back of the battery. Anybody remember the craft camera. It was a very Red modular style and had an LCD module. People even suggested Red was behind it. Over modulation is not desirable, but the abiliry to mount any thickness battery in the back, make a built in display behind a battery holder a bit impractical. However, I have alternative ideas that can solve thus, and give more form factors:

A). The obvious one would be to stick the battery on the side, like a handle, but who wants to hold a hot battery?

B) Stick the lcd on a ball joint of the top left rear corner to fold over the top of the battery when not being used, and down over the battery mount when no battery. It swings up like a conventional external monitor setup, can swivel around fur viewing from different angles and from front selfue view, and down the side like a camcorder, to allow the camera to be used like a camcorder. With thus setup, and some optional handles, you can use it like a miniature mirrorless/pocket, a normal cinema camera, and a camcorder quickly and easily, which no other compact camera really does.

To enhance this cinema use above, mounting holes and in the bottom rail mounts (maybe holes rings can be inserted into, which go on the rails.

C) if course, if 10x capacity nano wire batteries finally become available, you can stick the monitor to the back behind a slimed down battery cavity, and still get 4-5 hours battery life.

High speed WiFi and Bluetooth for remote control and basic monitoring, and backup and auto backup to drive during shooting, it pauses in shooting, robust enough to pickup where it leaves off if connection is severed or battery/power disconnected, without any corruption. The WiFi allows some crude live venue roaming shots functionality.

NEW: A smart mount system that hardware connects a system Only when active, and placed on a mount that has a connection. Gives a live feed and data and control to any equipment the mount is attached to. So, if the mount was a tripod, and you had wireless feed under the tripod, or backup feed, or backup drives there, or the tripod is physical wired to such infrastructure. Now, connection into the infrastructure of the venue/studio is a split second to dynamically connect without a lot of cabling. I suggest something like future generation of thunderbolt, whose optical cables are long range. A great business opportunity.

The handles. The case shape accommodates each holding position, including camcorder, but accessories like straps and control/battery handles enhance this, giving eng rocker switch functionality. So, a camcorder handle, as it us the most unobviouse to design here, would be rotatable, and have finger controls beyond what an eng camera would, to allow a bit more dynamic control for cinema like picture settings and press to auto set functionality for each and all, difficult.

Well, there are some ideas to start with. Pretty much similar shape, but less depth, to current, with some cool looking modification for holding and cooling.

Anybody else?
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Re: Musings, what could a Micro Cinema 4k/8k be like?

PostThu Jan 24, 2019 7:45 pm

Your idea is brilliant!
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Valery Axenov

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Re: Musings, what could a Micro Cinema 4k/8k be like?

PostThu Jan 24, 2019 10:34 pm

I think a lot before I take bmpcc is it possible to attache compact screen to Micro and use it for documentary that camera to be in my bag with screen on board and that I will be able to switch on camera and start shooting within seconds. Or to have it in my hand all the time and that it should not attract any attentions of people. So I use bmpcc for this work at the moment.

All ideas with screen for new BMMCC should be based on rule that camera first to be placed to cage like original bmmcc.

Refer to battery position I think that it will be at the same place. Micro is a camera for action and dron shooting. So, BM will follow it conception of symmetrical layout for easy and better balance. NO left or right parts of the camera.


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Re: Musings, what could a Micro Cinema 4k/8k be like?

PostFri Jan 25, 2019 3:46 am

Global shutter please

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