BMCC 4k + hyperdeck shuttle?

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BMCC 4k + hyperdeck shuttle?

PostWed Jun 05, 2013 1:57 am

Hey guys,
Tried to do a search, couldnt find any information...

Can anyone provide any information on the compatibility of the upcoming BMCC 4k camera and the BMD hypderdeck shuttle?

I like the idea of shooting 4K raw internally and shooting simultaneous HD prores into the hypershuttle for proxy / backup.

The hyperdeck will also allow me to plugin my smallHD monitor for monitoring (my smallhd DP4 EVF isn't SDI, but HDMI)

Thoughts? or am I dreaming?
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Re: BMCC 4k + hyperdeck shuttle?

PostWed Jun 05, 2013 3:31 am

BMD has previously confirmed that the BMPC-4K camera's 6G-SDI output will be compatible with standard 1080p HD-SDI devices, including the Hyperdeck Shuttle.

So, for example, the BMPC-4K can be recording 4K to its internal SSD, while at the same time a HdS (version 2) with its HD-SDI input (attached to the cam's 6G-SDI output connector) can be recording 1080p ProRes or DNxHD or uncompressed RAW (all 1080p) onto its SSD. Or, an old HdS (version 1) can record uncompressed RAW (1080p) onto its SSD.

And, the HdS's 1080p HD-SDI or HDMI outputs are live all the time, so either or both can be connected to other 1080p devices (monitor, EVF, external video recorder, etc.)


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