Questions on 4K Production Camera

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Darktide Media

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Questions on 4K Production Camera

PostThu Jun 06, 2013 9:08 am

Want to say before anything that I but no means am here to say bad things about the Blackmagic Production Camera, but to just ask what others think about the camera and if we will see some things added. This camera seems just amazing and cant wait to get one but a few things make me second guess.

1- One of the biggest things about this camera is how we will use it for Motion Photography, shooting 4K just for frame grabs, this will work just fine most of the time but when shooting fast action it wont when all we have is the 45 degree shutter. We will see faster shutters in this camera since 4K will be useful for Motion Photography. Also is there a chance to see the shutters in shutter speed and not just degrees?

2- We will audio meters on any of these cameras?

3- I dont know if the camera can or cant not at this time but will we get touch focus, that means being about to touch the screen to have it auto focus to that point?

4-I know everyone is asking for this but I really hope more control over the SSD comes, such as in camera formatting and deleting clips in camera. This is huge and I would hope be a main thing on the firmware list.

5- The choice of changing the focus check from white dots to more colors such as Red or blue for moments when the white just wont due.

6- And last but one of the biggest questions so I don't have to say much..but cmon higher fps...if this camera can shoot raw 4K then it can do 2K at higher rates such as 120p or at least 60p, mabye a crop mode to get this done..I hope as this would be huge.

These are some what small but huge to many film makers and now photographers, so I hope blackmagic can get these done in time for a firmware soon after launch or even better at launch.
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Peter J. DeCrescenzo

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Re: Questions on 4K Production Camera

PostThu Jun 06, 2013 4:21 pm

Since all the BMD cameras share mostly identical firmware, your might consider adding your feature requests to the existing thread here:

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Frank Glencairn

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Re: Questions on 4K Production Camera

PostThu Jun 06, 2013 5:54 pm

.....or embrace the minimalist Zen quality of a fine camera that doesn't get in your way, while shooting.

I told you so :-)

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