BMCC no image, only black - reset/other procedure possible?

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BMCC no image, only black - reset/other procedure possible?

PostMon Jun 17, 2013 8:19 pm


I rented two BMCCs in order to record simple interviews and some establishing shots for a medium project (five days of shooting within one month).

I chose the BMCC due to the 13 stops and DNxHD and some other features.

The house I rented it from is not available at this nightly hour (10 PM CET), thus they cannot help me with my

The camera has been working for the last 24 hours with sporadic records in DNxHD and Film dynamic range and ASA 800 and ASA 400.
It had some issues though, that upon restart, it would only show coloured noise, but the bottom status bar was perfectly visible. A restart or two fixed that.
Now, a ere two hours ago, the camera was recording fine onto a SanDisk 480 GB SSD for several takes, 10 to 120 seconds, but after a manual shutdown due to location change, the camera started fine, but no image is visible. Several restarts later and with and without lens (16-35 mm Canon L series) the image still has not returned.

SOLVED (for the time being), as a test right now, after writing all the text before, the camera started fine without lens and an image is visible (light on the sensor).
It reminded me of another issue though, when the camera is off, and one powers it up with one short press of the power button, the camera seems to start (short flicker and the fan is spinning up), the camera seems to shut down and restart again, all within five seconds or so. The the camera works.

PS: I can not provide the firmware version, but the IRIS can be controlled manually, thus it should be version 1.2 at least.

Sorry for the abrupt reply, it is late, my meal gets cold, the bed awaits (long drive to here, long drive back tomorrow, but the camera is still needed, though I have a backup BMCC with me).

ANy help is appreciated, if none is found, the rental house will maybe solve it upon return (or probably not).


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Re: BMCC no image, only black - reset/other procedure possib

PostMon Jun 17, 2013 10:02 pm

Try updating to 1.3.1. There were some issues with DNxHD that were fixed with the most recent firmware update. You can download it from the Support page, once you select your OS and your product.
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