To take the attention out of the 6K for a bit...

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Ulysses Paiva

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Re: To take the attention out of the 6K for a bit...

PostFri Aug 16, 2019 5:26 pm

Wayne Steven wrote:
Ulysses Paiva wrote:Hey, guys!

This is one of my first projects I shot with the Pocket 4K. Shot in anamorphic and no LUTs applied (Im not a LUT guy!).
Notice the audio in the very last shot. For the rest of the video, it is foley but for that shot It is from the stereo mics onboard, untouched, no EQ, no nothing. Listening from studio speakers, its a very nice ambience audio and definetely will be useful for a lot of projects.
Hope you guys enjoy spending 2 minutes of your life watching it. Thanks!

Hi. It says no video, but I guess it is the one down further with the martial arts practice. Nice movement, nice subject, keep it up, but your avatar picture makes you look lime you were kicked by that guy Ulysses. :)

Thanks, Wayne!! I still tweaked it up some and now I think I got to where I wanted in my main grade for the Pocket 4k. From there, I can tweak to wherever path is chosen for a given project. It was good to have some feedback and trying different approaches as I have not shot much with this camera and that particularly shoot was me alone with the performer and sea water sparying all over the camera, lens and ext monitor with added rain in a no pretentious day.

Trying to settle this ACES, RCM or YRGB thing, I will quote 2 parts of Resolve's manual it self:

01.JPG (98.58 KiB) Viewed 183 times

02.JPG (56.26 KiB) Viewed 183 times
Ulysses Paiva
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Re: To take the attention out of the 6K for a bit...

PostFri Aug 16, 2019 7:14 pm

I have been using the RED options Dimitry has discussed in other threads as well. They also give a wide latitude.

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Rick Lang

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Re: To take the attention out of the 6K for a bit...

PostFri Aug 16, 2019 9:13 pm

Bunk Timmer wrote:Was some days away from my computer. Am back
Ulysses Paiva wrote:Thats how I did it.
Well there you have it. No insurence from RCM. It's also nonsense. If you open the RAW tab with DaVinciYRGB you get the exact same treat as when opened in DaVinci RCM except way more options in RAW tab and it's not match to some archived database within Resolve, wich you could think of as a LUT you can't see nor touch. After that every tool setting is converted to the colorspace you selected in the prefs. In this case rec.709 2.4.
If some one says he choose to for a certain look it's probably he choose for a certain look. If I open the 'monk' and do not touch color temp or tint it's some what blue-ish but no where near the grade Ulysses choose for. Set temp to 5200Kelvin and all is fine already. 'Normalize' on RAW tab and you can get a perfectly fine color correction without RCM. And even better you can choose to ignore the RAW tab and get the more or less the same grade with just one node.

...and here is the file.

Use RCM when ever you like but it's main purpose is to match colors from "art" coming form different departments/profiles within a pipeline. If you are an individual there is no real benefit over DaVinciYRGB at least not that I have noticed.

This is the point. Plain simple and way easier than grading from LOG directly.
Now start from LOG and try to get same look. Not necessarily that easy (for non expert).
RAW tab is very powerful and in many cases when set correctly you need just 2 nodes to finish job ( talking about simple grades).

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