Multicam Clip from Manually Synced Timeline

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Multicam Clip from Manually Synced Timeline

PostThu Dec 07, 2023 6:43 pm

Hi. This may have been covered in previous posts, but I haven't been able to find it. I have a sequence shot with two cameras, a group of people sitting around on a patio chatting. I have 6 audio tracks, boom, RF mics, camera mics, etc. It's all nicely sunk up in a timeline -- had to do this manually because cameras are cutting and rolling at will and did not have matching time code. (Sometimes slated with dumb slate, other times not, but eye-matched everything pretty easily.) So now I have the two video layers with a checkerboard of shots, all rolling in sync with the contiguous 6 audio tracks. (2 angles available only some of the time, always at least one). What I want to do is create a multicam clip so I can "live switch" between the cameras, but the only method I'm able to figure out w/Resolve uses the original un-synchronized clips and uses either TC, In/out points, audio waveforms or markers for sync. What I want ideally is a multicam video-only track with all the sunk up clips from the 2 cameras nested from timeline start to finish. I'd like to add this as a top video layer above all the audio tracks for live editing. Is this possible, and can someone tell me how to do it??? THANK YOU

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Re: Multicam Clip from Manually Synced Timeline

PostThu Dec 07, 2023 11:57 pm

What you could try is making a new Multicam clip from 1 or 2 angles first. Doesn't matter which ones.

Then right-click on the Multicam clip in Media Pool and choose "Open in Timeline".

Now you have a Multicam Clip as a starting point. You can now delete the clips in that timeline and copy and paste the entire contents of the manually created timeline into your new Multicam clip.

Then choose the Multicam Clip in Media pool, right-click and Choose "Create new timeline using clips".
Then you can do your Multicam edit!

I have done similar before where several cameras are easy to sync with timecode, but one or two either weren't syncable, or might have been turned off and on throughout the record. I've added them into the Multicam clip later and manually synced them.

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Re: Multicam Clip from Manually Synced Timeline

PostFri Dec 08, 2023 4:43 am

You can transform a timeline into a Multicam clip. Duplicate your timeline to have a backup. Right click your timeline in the media pool and select the convert timeline to Multicam clip option. Now that you know about it, you can lookup the details in the reference manual.
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