Audio Sync Problems with Nested Timelines

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Mark Stefan

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Audio Sync Problems with Nested Timelines

PostSun Feb 18, 2024 5:33 pm

I am having audio sync problems when using a timeline on another timeline.

Timeline 1 is in sync whenI just play timeline 1. It has a person talking on camera and a single (mono) audio track.

However, when I drop Timeline 1 on to Timeline 2, which has another video track and a stereo music track, then the audio that was on track 1 (the person talking) is off.

So my MAIN timeline (Timeline 2) looks like this:

Video 3 = 4K video clips (with no accompanying audio)
Video 2 = Timeline 1, Interview Talent on Screen with Mono Audio (Camera B)
Video 1 = Interview Talent on Screen, Audio muted (Camera A)
Audio 1 = Muted audio from Camera A
Audio 2 = Timeline 1, Audio of Interview Talent, mono
Audio 3 = Music (stereo)

All source files are on a spinning hard disk, 7800 RPM

All video files are h.264 / h.265

Video files are 4K 29.97fps

Not using proxies / optimized media.

Resolve Studio 18.6.5 Build 7

Intel i5-13600K
RTX 2060 Super, 8GB VRAM
Windows 10

I have tried to change the Timeline Resoloution to 1080p in the Master Settings and in the dropdown Playback Menu on the Edit page, I have Timeline Proxy resolution set to half.

Is it just not possible to have nested timelines (meaning, putting one timeline on to another)???

Is my computer (or more likely, my graphics card), just not good enough???

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

And just to reiterate, yes, the interview audio is synced with the video on Timeline 1 when I play JUST that timeline. But it is completely out of sync when I drop that entire timeline on to another timeline.

Oh, even worse: When I render the whole thing, then the audio sync is further off, and I think it is in the opposite direction (audio ahead of video) than when it is in the Edit page (video ahead of audio).

Jim Simon

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Re: Audio Sync Problems with Nested Timelines

PostThu Feb 22, 2024 3:26 pm

There are issues with nested timelines. For now, it's probably best to just not use them.

Do everything in one timeline. (You can Copy/Paste clips into the Master if you wish to work in a temp timeline.)
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