On/Off switch ( Wireless ) - REALLY impossible ?

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On/Off switch ( Wireless ) - REALLY impossible ?

PostSat Feb 24, 2024 6:35 pm

So, I tried to do following:

Control bunch of nodes from more convenient place. For some reasons, I did not want to Group nodes in order to save place, so I just linked them all nicely and had layout which is rather easy to follow, despite the number of nodes.

Now, there are some nodes that I would like to switch on or off ( preferably wirelessly ) - which means that original node would be for example far left but the switch would be close to media out. Reason - when I open the Fusion Comp, I can just very quickly adjust it.

I tried:
- to have Merge ( or any other node to control opacity ) with multiple versions
- than I made an instance that node>the version values gets copied fine, all works as intended
- you click off the instance node and click back on it, than choose different version, the values gets reset to default and doing anything in INSTANCE node in any other version than 1, does nothing any longer

So..I would like to have some control over certain node that lets me disable/enable it without the pipe. Basically wirelessly. Than I can create different nodes instead of instance and disable them.


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Re: On/Off switch ( Wireless ) - REALLY impossible ?

PostSat Feb 24, 2024 6:51 pm

You could give Bookmarks a try to switch between viewing nodes that are way off to the side and back to the MediaOut area.
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