Wav 32 bit float not working

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Wav 32 bit float not working

PostMon Mar 04, 2024 11:06 pm

I recorded 10 interviews using DJI MIC 2 with 32 bit float but as soon as I import the audio in Davinci Resolve I don't hear any sound. I played each clip seperately using windows player and everything is working perfect. But I cannot play a single track in Davinci Resolve 18.6 PLEASE HELP!!!!

Reynaud Venter

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Re: Wav 32 bit float not working

PostTue Mar 05, 2024 4:33 am

Can you include a link to a sample Clip to review?
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Re: Wav 32 bit float not working

PostTue Mar 05, 2024 3:06 pm

A few things to check.

1) Check in Fairlight to see if you have waveforms for the audio or not. Bump it up 60dB to see if you find anything. 32bit can be manipulated extensively without much issue. Just check that the levels weren't super low in your source files.

2) Open the file in a program like MediaInfo that will show all the video and audio tracks to verify they are there and their track numbers. I have noticed that Resolve doesn't like to have more than 24 audio channels in a single WAV or video file. Perhaps your files are a bit different and have lots of blank channels for some reason?

3) Open the file in a DAW like REAPER and check that you can play the audio there. If so, you may want to save the audio in a separate file and then link them back together in Resolve

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