Render Que - Renders last job multiple times

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Render Que - Renders last job multiple times

PostFri Jul 30, 2021 12:57 am

Dav Res 17 Studio
I am rendering several different versions from a single project file.
rendering out camera a = Job 1
then I turn off cam a and leave cam b on and send that as job 2 rending cam b
when I select both in the que and the press render all.
It shows that job 1 is rendering and then job 2 renders.
BUT went I look at the final renders
job 1 file name camera A.mp4 is camera B
I open file camera B.mp4 and it is camera B....
the render Que is rendering the last job for all the jobs
Does that make sense?
I have tested this not on several files with same result
It is only rending what is in the currrent render timeline regarless of what was saved in the que...


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Re: Render Que - Renders last job multiple times

PostFri Jul 30, 2021 7:16 am

as far as i know, resolve will always render the the timelines as they are at the time you hit start rendering. not as they are when you hit add to que.
so if you add something to the que, change something in the timeline and than hit render, the changes will be on the export.
multiple files in your que are for multiple export settings and multiple timelines, not for multiple versions of one timeline.
just duplicate the timeline and create your different versions like that.
also i think "render individual clips" instead of single clip could make your life easier, depending on how your timeline is set up.

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