Mute, change volume and disable audio tracks of source clips

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Mute, change volume and disable audio tracks of source clips

PostFri Sep 17, 2021 3:34 pm

I've been an Avid Media Composer editor for almost 15 years and since the last 5 years I also edit with Resolve. I love it but one very basic thing I'm missing is the ability to mute, change the volume and disable source audio tracks.

When for instance previewing a source clip I don't wanna hear all audio tracks so to me it's obvious that I can solo or mute the tracks I want. Or to change the volume of a very loud or silent track before I edit it to the timelime so I don't have to adjust the speakers volume everytime I switch between playing source and timeline.

Also when editing a source clip with many tracks, like an MXF from the FX9 with 8 audio tracks, I would like to be able to select in the source which tracks I want to add to the timeline, without having to creat 8 audio tracks in my timeline. Otherwise Resolve will always auto add tracks to the timeline.

I know in Resolve some of these things can be done in the clips source settings but to me this is way too cumbersome. I wish there was a simpeler way to do it, like in Media Composer.
Or am I missing something?
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