Linked audio not exported but embedded is

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Linked audio not exported but embedded is

PostSat Sep 18, 2021 1:03 am

I'm having a problem delivering individual clips with an attached mono audio track.
The original track has been deleted; the timeline shows only one track with separate shots/clips.

When I deliver this as individual clips I always get the embedded audio, never the separate track.
There are a few mysteries in this for me.

This video was recorded on the BMD monitor for raw output. When I import the braw files the timeline shows an audio track unsurprisingly. Since we recorded to an external recorder I brought that mono track in and deleted the original audio track, synched the separate track and set up Deliver expecting the external track.

Is the audio embedded in the braw. If that's true why is there an audio track in the timeline? What did I just delete when I deleted the original source audio track? If I play that timeline back there is no sound.

The only way I can get the external track exported is to set delivery to a single clip. This isn't helpful for my workflow as I want to give the editor synched footage with good audio. Giving them a single clip makes more work for the editor who has to re-divide the clips in the timeline.

This seems to me to be a workflow which should have been anticipated. What am I missing?
Is there a way to export to individual clips without the embedded audio?

I'm running 17.3.1 Build 5 Studio version on a MacPro.

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Re: Linked audio not exported but embedded is

PostSat Sep 18, 2021 5:25 am

This issue has been discussed many times in this forum. Do a search and you will get some answers.
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