Issues with clip keyframes with transitions in Edit page

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Issues with clip keyframes with transitions in Edit page

PostFri Oct 22, 2021 5:19 pm


I am finding this odd behavior in Edit page and I'm wondering if there's some option or feature I'm missing.

All is well in keyframing clip properties in Edit Page until I add crossfade transitions; from there the keyframes of a clip kind of stretch so that their start move towards the transition start (understandable since the transition "needs" extra frames of it); but, they do not match any longer between the keyframe panel (the one you get by clicking the diamond icon in the clip) and the curve panel (shown show by clicking the curve icon).
In other words, it seems that adding a transition that stems additional frames from a clip the curve panel keyframes stretch accordingly towards left, while the keyframes in the keyframe panel stay within the clip boundaries; it's not only a visual thing since various issues arise while dragging them especially near and beyond the clip boundaries.

It's for sure in 17.3.2 but most likely still there in 17.4.

Is this known? Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance,

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