Resolution mismatch and Deliver Page

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Resolution mismatch and Deliver Page

PostSat Oct 23, 2021 11:54 am

I'm quite new to Resolve and right in the middle of my first project. There are a few points about resolutions that I couldn't wrap my head around, hopefully someone be kind enough to shed some light on this:

I shot my footage in a mix of 1080 and 4K, planning to deliver 1920x1080 and using the 4K footage for possible reframing. During edit, I found the project to be better in 2.39 aspect ratio, so I applied output blanking. But this will export my video letterboxed into 1920x1080, adding unnecessary black bars on all sides when viewed on a widescreen display.
So I wanted to change the timeline resolution to 1920x804 with "scale full frame with crop" mode selected. This resulted in cropping my media to 2.39 aspect even before importing to the timeline, preventing me from reframing the shots for the 2.39 aspect ratio.
Instead I left the timeline res at 1920x1080 and set the output resolution to 1920x804, was able to reframe everything and finish my edit.
But now, when exporting, I wanted to export smaller versions as well as the 1920x804 master. This resulted in the export being a crop of the timeline, not a resized timeline.
Where did I go wrong? How would I apply a different aspect ratio than my footage during the edit process?

Thanks for any help!

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